Seeds and more seeds.

Millicent Selsam created this classic in 1959, illustrated by Tomi Ungerer, as part of the I can read science series of books Here's a little extract to give you a little taste of this  truely wonderful vintage book.

"Plant them and see," said his father. "Plant them in these pots. If a stone can grow, if a pebble can grow, you will know."

So he does and it doesn't, yet he learns that seeds are everywhere and so he begins to plant and plant and plant until finally ...

He waited until the green thing was as big as he thought it would get to be. Then he picked it off the plant. He split it open. Those bumps were beans! "These are bean seeds," cried Benny. "I made my own seeds! I made my own seeds! Now I have more to plant!"

59 Pages  22cm x 15.5cm

Published in 1960 Hardback addition pubished by  The worlds work LTD, Kingwood Surrey

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